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5Leaps is a Tower Defense with a "retro-space" ambience where you will be presented with different strategic challenges with increasing difficulty. The adventure takes place over 25 missions, with well-loaded doses of ships, many explosions and a story with more than 20 characters.

In the technical section, 5Leaps has been programmed in Bennu and composed of more than 2,000 sprites. You will face a multitude of ships and 5 final enemies with their own mechanics accompanied by a spectacular soundtrack.

The Game


In 5Leaps, you are part of the crew of Liberty, the spacecraft of Space Rebels, retreating from the Imperium devastating attack to the only Space Rebel colony, Urbal.
Throughout the missions, you must be able to create a defensive perimeter and defeat the objectives of the Imperium ships.

Good luck Rebel!

Promo video

You can already see certain game mechanics, how it looks and what we are going to find.
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 Year 2355, life on Earth is totally controlled by Imperium, a unique Corporation-State ruled by Emperor Hermes. Unemployment is totally forbidden, and those who suffer from it are quickly forced against forced labor in dangerous space mines.

 Thanks to the hyperspace jump, a group of fugitives called Space Rebels, is able to establish a colony on a remote planet and start a war of skirmishes against Imperium. The objective of the Space Rebels is to free the unemployed prisoners in the mines and in turn destabilize the Status-Quo of Imperium on Earth. 

What will happen when Imperium discovers Urbal's position?



John Conan

Commander of the Liberty, flagship of the Space Rebels.


Vallentine Teleshkova

Communications officer and second on board on the bridge.


Olaf Trolhildur

Head of Engineering


Zhenya Stardust

Pilot fighter and security chief.


Hubey Tetsu

Expert in computer security.




Main tower of defense against shields. The Plasmax tower heats hydrogen by means of a microwave oven that ionizes it and converts it into plasma that ejects at high speed.



Main tower of anti-hull defense. The Zezengor tower uses mass accelerators that launch 380mm projectiles at relativistic speeds, which makes it impossible to avoid them.



Generic defense auxiliary tower. The high shooting speed and its crystallized magnetic acid projectiles are suitable for high armor targets.



Tactical defense auxiliary tower. It has a hyperspace collapser that throws singularities at its targets, leaving it in a state of temporary dilatation that slows down its speed.



Advanced defense tower against shields. Also known as the death ray, it sends a powerful beam of light impossible to dodge and that exhausts any type of shield in seconds.



Advanced anti-hull defense tower. Launches a salvo of missiles capable of following their objective. The detonation projects a jet of molten metal capable of penetrating heavy armor.


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