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Main tower of defense against shields. The Plasmax tower heats hydrogen by means of a microwave oven that ionizes it and converts it into plasma that ejects at high speed.



Main tower of anti-hull defense. The Zezengor tower uses mass accelerators that launch 380mm projectiles at relativistic speeds, which makes it impossible to avoid them.



Generic defense auxiliary tower. The high shooting speed and its crystallized magnetic acid projectiles are suitable for high armor targets.



Tactical defense auxiliary tower. It has a hyperspace collapser that throws singularities at its targets, leaving it in a state of temporary dilatation that slows down its speed.



Advanced defense tower against shields. Also known as the death ray, it sends a powerful beam of light impossible to dodge and that exhausts any type of shield in seconds.



Advanced anti-hull defense tower. Launches a salvo of missiles capable of following their objective. The detonation projects a jet of molten metal capable of penetrating heavy armor.

The Plasmax tower is ideal to reduce the shields of enemy ships. His shots can be dodged by fast ships or blocked by large ships.

Plasmax Shields damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price
Nivel 1505603000100
Nivel 210010453700250
Nivel 316516404200450
Nivel 423023354500700

The Zezengor tower fires projectiles at high speed that its enemies cannot avoid its accurate impacts.

Zezengor Shields damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price
Nivel 1550603000100
Nivel 210100453700250
Nivel 316165404200450
Nivel 423230354500700

The Frozor tower is ideal to slow down the advance of the enemy ships, but do not pretend to cause serious damage with it.

Frozor Shields damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price Special hability
Nivel 11515803000200Slow for 150
Nivel 23535653500450Slow for 200
Nivel 36060553800750Slow for 250
Nivel 485854540001050Slow for 325

The Quimera has two characteristics that make it unique. On the one hand it has a firing rate much higher than other weapons and on the other, it reduces for a time the armor of the ships hit.

Quimera Shields Damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price Special hability
Nivel 1662030002001/2 armor for 150
Nivel 212121537004501/3 armor for 200
Nivel 318181242007501/4 armor for 250
Nivel 4242410450010501/5 armor for 325

The Lazor tower is designed to cause great damage to enemy shields. It is impossible to dodge their attacks.

Lazor Shields Damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price
Nivel 1400141604000350
Nivel 2500201554300450
Nivel 3600241354600600
Nivel 4750301255000800

The Roketer launches guided missiles towards its target, so it is quite difficult (but not impossible) to dodge its attacks. The damage on the helmet is debastador. Especially indicated for heavy armours.

Roketer Shields Damage Hull Damage Ratio Range Price
Nivel 1142x2001604000350
Nivel 2202x2501554300450
Nivel 3242x3001354600600
Nivel 4302x3751255000800

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